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Natural Fragrance Oils Scents


Natural Fragrances

Our Fragrance Newest Additions ~


Meaning beautiful in Icelandic, we use this gorgeous mix of magnolia blossoms, jasmine flowers, and lemon for our hand-poured soy candles

Nordic Nights

A complex blend of citrus, cardamon, musk, and pine topped with a hint of frankincense. Used in our limited edition Nordic Nights candles.



Our scents are designed with the most natural, essential oils and

paraben/phthalate free fragrance oils giving us an abundant

palate of fragrance notes.

Most are unisex.



a vibrant, refreshing fusion of red currant, thyme and lime


 pretty and light, a citrus blend with hints of rose 


white tea, ginger and cucumber

mingle to create a contemporary fragrance  


 fresh and crisp, a blend of citrus and green tea with and a slight pine undertone. Used in our Icelandic Moss products​​


named after the Norse goddess of youth and beauty, this scent captures the essence of herbs, citrus and earthy aromas 


a luscious, subtle mix of grapefruit

and vanilla, reminiscent of a creamsicle 

 Reyka Rose 

beautiful and classic rose tempered and grounded with woodsy and pine tones 

Rósmar­ín Lavender

a luxurious, relaxing integration

of two classic herbs 

Zesty Sí­trus

a zippy blend of bitter and

sweet oranges and ginger

Our Holiday Fragrances ~


Meaning Christmas in Icelandic, we chose a blend of classic frankincense and myrrh for this scent. The aromatic earthy blend evokes a celebration of old.


Cinnamon, cloves, sweet orange with a touch of eucalyptus creates a spicy blend perfect for winter nights by the fireplace.


Blend crisp peppermint with sweet chocolate and you get the smell of a wonderful bonbon - hence the name which means candy in Icelandic! 

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