These are our top sellers for add-ons at time of checkout. Guests love them and stock up on a few. They can also be used for a reservation enhancement. We offer them with our labels, your private label, or - if hosting an event - customized to the couple's specifications. 

Comes with 2 ounce bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and lotion in choice of fragrance. TSA compliant sizing all housed in a ziploc, waterproof vinyl pouch. Perfect for a weekend getaway, welcome gift, or just because. 

Another idea is having a few unscented on hand for guests that are fragrance adverse. 


Inns buy wholesale at $13.50 a piece, sell retail at $25. Sure bet money maker. 

Hospitality Jetsetter Pack

  • For ingredients, please refer to individual product pages. 

  • $25