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Tea & Tranquility Gift Set

Tea & Tranquility Gift Set


Take a pause and create a moment of tranquility with this beautifully adorned gift box. A luxurious glossy white magnetic gift box is filled with everything you need to enjoy a peaceful tea drinking experience.

We include a tin of loose leaf tea shipped directly from Paris. Brew and enjoy in a tin tea ball and heavy walled glass mug. Stir in a little sugar or lemon with a beautiful gold spoon embellished with an array of leaves at the tip. Set the ambiance with a glass votive candle fragranced with a light scent of magnolia, jasmine and citrus. Finally, we include a hand tied floral wand -- satin ribbon encases a bundle of palo santo incense stick, selenite spear, and farm harvested botanicals. 


**tea selection will vary depending on availability.

Only 6 left in stock
  • Gift box includes:

    *reusable white glossy gift box

    *loose leaf tea tin

    *tin tea ball

    *heavy walled glass mug

    *gold spoon

    *hand crafted floral wand

    *satin ribbon


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