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Gemstone Candles

Gemstone Candles


Indulge in the luxurious scent of magnolia, jasmine and citrus with our handmade Gemstone Candles. Each candle is embedded with your choice of either rose quartz or amethyst gemstones, creating a stunning centerpiece or compliment to any room. The rose quartz gemstone symbolizes love, relationship healing, compassion and calm, while the amethyst gemstone promotes peace and serenity and is said to gift the owner with peaceful dreams. Made with soy wax, our candles are eco-friendly and long-lasting. Illuminate your space with our Gemstone Candles and enjoy the benefits of these beautiful gemstones long after the candles have melted. 

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  • These gemstones can be saved!

    After these candles have melted down, keep and enjoy the gemstones. Wipe down with a cloth or paper to remove the remainder of the wax, and wash with hot soapy water. 

  • Burn Info

    *Most people say it's too pretty burn - we say go for it! The gemstones will float as the wax melts and then settle back in as it hardens again.

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