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An Eco-Friendly Approach to Packaging

Iconic Icelandic Waterfall

At Sítrónu, we aim to create a seamless blend between our philosophy, our ingredients and our choice of packaging.

As our inspiration came in large part from Scandinavian culture and design, we have kept our look fresh and clean. To date, our products have only been available in plastic bottles and jars - a matter of debate for some time now. It’s certainly questionable whether plastic can be considered an eco-friendly packaging option. Glass obviously is easier to up-cycle or re-cycle, but it’s not the most practical or safe choice in the bathroom. Time and again, our customers have told us stick with plastic! Given this, we have opted for PET plastic bottles that are recyclable and we have also encouraged consumers and hospitality clients to opt for larger, refillable dispensers. Until now.

Our PET plastic bottles can be refilled, washed and reused or recycled

Just this past week, we began offering our lotion and hand soap in refillable glass bottles as well as our room spray. We feel these items will most often be placed on a sink or vanity with less risk of breakage than in the shower. And we are leaving it up to the consumer to choose - we will still offer the plastic PET option.

In another eco-friendly decision, we have chosen to do away with selling 1 and 2 oz bottles on the retail side of our business in an effort to push consumers toward larger, refillable sizes. The only time you will see these mini sizes are in a gift box or our TSA compliant Jet Setter pack intended for travel - but even the 2 oz sizes can be refilled!

Our JetSetter Pack includes TSA compliant sizes which can be refilled

Our streamlined approach is influencing our gift box choices as well. We are in the midst of a redesign of all our gift boxes. We want our choices of materials to include more environmentally friendly boxes that can be repurposed and are made from natural resources. Our new poplar wood gift boxes and natural woven baskets highlight our product offerings in a whole new light. We will still offer our popular glossy hat boxes as those are easily repurposed - perfect for regifting or jewelry and craft storage - however we will phase out all the plastic gift boxes after this holiday season.

Poplar wood gift boxes can be repurposed

We hope you enjoy the new changes we are making in our product line as we continue to evolve and support our eco-friendly philosophy.

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