A lovely little box of luxury items to help ease your way into nighttime slumber. Light a hand-poured soy candle  to quiet the day. Put on a beautiful, feminine silky bathrobe to keep the chill off or just feel good. A super cozy pair of socks helps our tootsies fall into the comfort zone. And we can soften up the rough spots - elbows, heels, hands - just before sleep with our lusciously hydrating body butter fragranced with the soporific Rósmarín Lavender combination. We put it all in a reusable paulownia wood box and off you go to la la land. 


**color of socks may vary depending on availability, but they will all be cozy fleece


  • Please refer to individual product pages for ingredients. 

  • Hand Poured Soy candle

    silky bath robe (one size fits all)

    super cozy socks

    4 oz. jar body butter

    reusable paulownia wood box