Beautiful, functional, easy to install and keep clean ... wait, so many positives, we just need to list them!


*Beautiful design

*Functional and easy to use

*Easy to install

*Easy to keep clean

*Tamper proof with small key 

*Locked tops

*Aluminum and Stainless steel components 

*Easy to refill

*Side view refill indicator 


What else can we add except that we absolutely adore our new shower dispensers! They are the perfect addition to any bathroom, be it a hospitality establishment like an inn or small hotel, or your own bathroom in your master suite at home. 


Pair with our liters or gallons for significant savings and lower your plastic usage. 


**Please note, price is per individual cylinder  (e.g. if you buy one for shampoo, one for conditioner, one for shower gel you will need to put 3 in your cart and the cost is $150). You can buy as many as you need for your bathroom and we will provide appropriate labels as indicated. Private label available. 







Shower Dispensers

Product Label
  • Height: 11.125", Tube alone is 9.45"

    Diameter: 2.5"

    Depth from wall: 3.125"

    Volume: 12 ounces

    Volume Dispensed: 2 ccs

    Tube: Powder-coated or brushed aluminum

    Lever: Chrome-Plated Aluminum

    Bracket and Lid: Stainless Steel

    Unit Configuration: stand-alone single units for flexible configuration

    Unit Includes: 3M double sided tape and template

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