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Let the scent of Sítrónu waft throughout your home or office with this elegant Reed Diffuser Set. Long lasting and far reaching, the reed diffuser is a natural and beautiful way to introduce scent to any room. The mixture of essential and fragrant oils with our naturally derived sunflower oil is a healthy alternative to some of the harsher sprays available on the mass market. Just pour about an inch or two into the vase, insert the reed sticks and enjoy. Turn the reed sticks upside down every few days to invigorate the scent throw. Makes a beautiful gift presented in our reusable paulownia wood box. 


**All natural, our fragrant oils are paraben/phthalate free. 

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  • Scent options

    Elska ~ white tea, ginger and cucumber mingle to create a contemporary fragrance

    Sætur ~ a luscious, subtle mix of grapefruit and vanilla, reminiscent of a creamsicle

    Rósmarín Lavender ~ a luxurious, relaxing integration of two classic herbs

    Ívar -  Our fall blend of cinnamon, clove, oranges, and a touch of eucalyptus.

    Pumpkin Spice - a traditional fall fragrance.


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