After a workout or long day at the office, a soak in a hot bath with fragrant bath salts is just the ticket - and mixed with Icelandic Moss provides a cleansing power boost. 


We start with fine Atlantic Sea Salt and combine it with high grade Epsom salts. We then toss in some dried Icelandic Moss, a plant known for its antibacterial qualities that we source directly from the Land of Fire and Ice. It’s fragranced with the lovely scent of Gullfoss, a crisp blend of citrus and green tea with floral and pine undertones.


Available in an 8 oz BPA recyclable bottle and can be paired with our gallon bucket size for easy refill.


Add at least 1/4 cup to the bath while the warm water is running. Can be used in combination with the provided, reusable tea bag for easy cleanup. 


Icelandic Moss Bath Salts

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$9.00Sale Price
  • Our Icelandic Moss Bath Salts are always scented with Gullfoss, a fresh, crisp blend of citrus and green tea with floral and pine undertones.

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