Now more than ever we can all add a bit more calm to our day and this box is a beautiful way to do just that. A large, luxurious glass mug - perfect to hold with both hands - is clear glass to allow the flowering tea balls to unfurl their glory. You get two of these hand-tied little beauties, made of green tea and a variety of edible flowers. A too cute gold spoon with a leaf designed handle is added for stirring a little sweetness into your tea. All topped off with a bottle of bath salts, enough to soak it all away at the end of the day. We put it all in a reusable paulownia wood box and decorate with a gorgeous hand-crafted Icelandic poppy paper flower.  


SRP: $35


Guests will love this as an add-on to their reservation or a quick gift to go at checkout from your gift shop.

SRP $30


**flower varieties in the tea balls may vary but all are beautiful! 

Hospitality CUP OF CALM

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