Our bridal team at Sítrónu wants to make your special day extra special, memorable and more about you!  We therefore created a customized package to allow you to pick your ribbon color to match your wedding theme colors, your font color and your own personalized label. Labels can express a sentiment or your names and date of event. Ribbons come in more than 30+ colors - we will work with you to find the best color match as well as choice of material. 


Leave it to Sítrónu to make your day fabulous and your guests feel welcome and appreciated. 

Custom Wedding/Events Package

Number of guests
  • We will work with you individually to meet your color goals. After purchase we will contact you directly, 

  • Our fee includes:

    *choice of ribbon color in grosgrain, satin or organza. Other fabrics may include an additional upcharge. 

    *personalized label for all Sítrónu products in gift and favors 

    *please select number of guests to correspond to how many favors and/or gifts you are ordering in total. 


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