We love this beautiful gift which showcases the natural, hand-made rattan bag and a variety of gift items and natural body products which your bestie is sure to love. Makes the perfect gift for a Bridesmaid Proposal!


Included in the gift bag is a 4 oz jar of our luscious body butter for smoothing skin; a 4 oz jar of botanical bath salts for soaking; a 10ml rollerball perfume for a touch of scent on the go; two velvet hair scrunchies; a chocolate bar by our favorite chocolatier Sjölinds; and a silver photo keychain.

Blessed with a Bestie

  • For ingredients, please refer to individual product pages.

  • *hand made rattan bag

    *4 oz body butter

    *4 oz botanical bath salts

    *Sjölinds chocolate bar

    *silver photo keychain

    *two velvet scrunchies

    *10 ml rollerball perfume

    *silk taffeta ribbon

    *gift tag