Calling all Beach Bums! If you are bound for the beach, then we've got you covered with this cute little rattan bag big enough to hold all of your personal care essentials. We tie up the bag with a beautiful, bright dupioni silk bow and then throw in a 2 oz. aloe infused lotion in your choice of fragrance (perfect for keeping skin hydrated in the sun); a cotton tie-dyed hair band and a velvet hair scrunchy; a silver photo key chain to keep someone's picture close to you; and our honey aloe scrub which is perfect for sloughing off the sunscreen afterward. Grab one for you and one for a friend and you're good to go!

Beautious Beach Bag

  • * rattan purse with dupioni silk ribbon

    * 2 oz aloe infused lotion

    * tie-dyed cotton hair band

    * velvet hair scrunchy

    * silver photo key chair

    * 4 oz. honey aloe scrub

    *handwritten gift tag