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Bathroom Starter Pack

Hospitality Bathroom Starter Pack


This starter pack saves you 15% compared to buying wholesale a la carte. Included is a 16 oz shower gel, shampoo and conditioner as well as an 8 oz lotion and hand soap for the vanity sink. Choose any combination of fragrances - or save on refills by choosing the same fragrance (remember, the shower gel, shampoo and hand soap are the same product!). 




  • Fragrance Options

    Birta ~ a vibrant, refreshing fusion of red currant, thyme and lime
    Iduna ~ named after the Norse goddess of youth and beauty, this scent captures the essence of herbs, citrus and earthy aromas
    Rósmarín Lavender ~ a luxurious, relaxing integration of two classic herbs
    Sætur ~ a luscious, subtle mix of grapefruit and vanilla, reminiscent of a creamsicle
    Siguna -  Exotic, comforting and warm our newest fragrance of oud and bergamot evokes a walk through an Arabian spice market while wrapped in a comfortable blanket. 
    Zesty Sí­trus ~ a zippy blend of bitter and sweet oranges and ginger

  • Ingredients

    Please refer to individual product pages. 

  • Measurements

    Our 8 oz. bottle measures 2-1/4" in diameter and about 6" high

    Our 16 oz. bottle measures 2-7/8" in diameter and about 6-1/2" high

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