The Abelína Box is a wonderful option for bridesmaids, favors, or welcome gifts for your guests. The sturdy white box is adorned with a beautiful white ribbon and we fill it with three options of beautifull scented treasures:


1) a clear glass votive hand-poured soy candle fragranced in our standard candle scent of Falleg (magnolia blossom, jasmine flower and lemon)


2) 2 oz. Rósmarín Lavender bath salts paired with handcrafted flowering tea that unfolds into a beautiful unique bloom 


3)  2 oz. Rósmarín Lavender bath salts, a hand-poured soy candle (Falleg fragrance) in a lovely rosegold tin, and an organza bag full of scented pink rose buds. 


**please note this particular box option does not allow for custom ribbon choice as it is a pre-made box. 


**For quantities more than is in current inventory, please contact us directly and we will arrange it all in the numbers you need. 

Abelína Box

Gift Box Items
  • Please refer to individual bath product pages for ingredients. 

  • We offer customized ribbon & tissue color choices as well as personalized labels and cards. Please choose the Custom Option as a separate item or contact us directly. An upcharge and minimum order count will apply. 

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