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Weddings in the Midst of Covid-19

Large gatherings, family get-togethers, huge wedding celebrations - those are quickly becoming memories as a new reality takes hold worldwide. Weddings are postponed, rescheduled outdoors with a much smaller guest list, or reformatted to a quick mask-wearing visit to City Hall. We are all adapting to the new normal.

Here at Sítrónu where weddings are a joyful reason to create gifts, we have also adapted. We are ready and able to fill your gifting need with ease and pertinence to the times regardless of where and how you host your event.

Need favors for the day? We offer a large selection of customizable favors for tabletops or end of day giveaways. We can incorporate your specific theme into the items, colors and fonts as well as a customizable message for the label.

Need to recognize guests for an event that was cancelled? We can create a beautiful array of small gifts to acknowledge the guests’ intention to attend.

Need thank you or welcome gifts? Our gift boxes are all carefully chosen and housed in eco-friendly, reusable paulownia gift boxes — making your guests feel extra special and allowing them to remember your special event each time they use the box again.

Need to destress? Calm everyone’s nerves by a relaxing diffuser set and a variety of fragrances hand soaps.

Need sanitization stations? Our all natural hand sanitizer meets CDC standards of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Put several around on tables and add a 2 oz. size to gift bags.

A New World

As Covid-19 continues to change our world we are all learning to adapt for ourselves and others. The impact on the wedding industry has been huge - not just on brides and couples, but vendors who specialize and rely on big events to keep their businesses afloat.

Sítrónu is just one of those vendors gently reminding you to you support small businesses for your event. One thing we can guarantee from our products is relaxation and relief. Whether you want to unwind from planning, relax after the big day, or share with others you will surely find something to help. All of our products offer calming fragrances and a luxurious experience.

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