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Sitrónu's Favorites || Spring 2022

Sítronu's Favorites is a seasonal roundup of our top picks in a number of categories, from cosmetics and fragrance, to books and movies. We make note of the best products we've tried and compile the top ten to share with our readers. During the spring season, we're focusing on botanicals and bright colors to help us bask in this time of renewal. We hope to help you find something you love.



Our very own - and extremely popular - vanity set now comes in a beautiful amber color. We love how the rich copper tone melds with our logo and bamboo caps. The bamboo tray is moisture resistant and adds that finishing touch to your hand soap/lotion combo. Available in a few of our select fragrances and your choice of glass or BPA free plastic. $55 on our website.


We are in love with this super fun beach tote with scarf handles. It comes in a variety of colors and will make a splash on the beach, by the pool or even as your everyday handbag. We are thinking of stocking these for our expanding Home & Lifestyle shop. What do you think? Available at online store Claudette for $100.



What a fun show! We just discovered The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and can't quit watching or talking about it. It's written and produced by the same duo that gave us The Gilmore Girls, so expect some rapid fire dialogue, witty comebacks, and quirky characters with plot twists that are completely unpredictable. Midge is adorable and we can't get enough of her wardrobe. Take me back to the 60s!



You can never go wrong with curling up with a good cookbook, especially when the photos are as gorgeous as the ones in this beauty. We love the HalfBakedHarvest website and make so many of her recipes. Best to read this one in the kitchen so you can hop to the stove right away!


We spent the summer pressing flowers from around our garden and farm so we could incorporate them into our botanical candle collection. We are excited to share the results with you. Available in a variety of colors, the 8 oz hand poured soy wax is encased in a floral lined glass jar with a beautiful bamboo cap. Makes a gorgeous gift. $45 on our website.



Singer/songwriter Farah Camille has hit Apple Music and Spotify with a huge splash. At times soulful, other times upbeat this young woman's lyrics hit the heart and resonate deeply. Her voice - both soothing and perky - grabs your attention and doesn't let go. With only a few songs out so far, we are eagerly awaiting more from this young, eager talent. Add it to your playlists and enjoy it as much as we have.



Yoga with Adriene is our go to for anything from a quick yoga routine to a longer stretch session. She can get your heartbeat up in the matter of seconds and always seems to hit just the right spots that you need that day - how does she do that? We love her personality - oh so real. Plus it's free. Totally free.


Growing up in Miami, owner/founder Amanda wore these out -- really, she wore the soles out because they are so dang comfortable and stylish at the same time! We just discovered these from an Etsy seller and want to run an errand just so we can put them back on. They go with everything - jeans, skirts, dresses, beachwear. The absolute perfect shoe for this time of year. $40 from the MacarenaCollection.

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