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Sítronu's Favorites: December, 2021

Sítronu's Favorites is a monthly roundup of our top picks in a number of categories, from cosmetics and fragrance, to books and movies. Each month, we make note of the best products we've tried and compile the top ten to share with our readers. During the month of December, we're focusing on hygge, to help us feel warm and cozy, even in the cold. We hope to help you find something you love.


CELESTIAL SOLSTICE EAU DE PARFUM: I bought this perfume after one test spray, because I loved how unique it smells. With hints of basil and strawberry, this subtle scent lies somewhere between sweet and citrusy and is all around incredibly fresh. The bottle is also pleasing; minimalistic with a pop of pink, and topped off with a cute charm.

Home Decor

SWEATER FLEECE PERSONALIZED BLANKET: This soft blanket is just as cute as it is cozy. It comes in 5 heathered colors and features a leather patch that can be personalized with engraved initials, messages or pictures. With its stylish design, it would make a great gift that adds to the decor of a room.


PINK CLOUD ROSEWATER & TREMELLA CREAMY JELLY CLEANSER: A gentle pink cleanser that smells of roses? To me, that sounds like the perfect way to wash your face. A skincare product like this one can make a habitual task feel like a pampering session. The best part is that this cleanser is all natural and free of sulfates, synthetics, and parabens.

Body Care

SÍTRONU BOTANICAL BATH SHOTS: Personally, I don't believe there's anything better than a hot bath in the winter. Our bath shots enhance your bath with lovely scents and health benefits. There are four mixtures, each with unique ingredients for a new spa experience. Try them all!


HIGHER STANDARD SATIN MATTE CREAM BLUSH: Everyone could do with a little bit of color on their cheeks during the colder, darker months. Blush is a winter makeup staple, and in dryer weather when powder feels like the last thing I want to put on my skin, cream makeup is my go-to. This cream blush by LYS Beauty is affordable and made with clean ingredients, a non-negotiable when it comes to the face.


SÍTRONU NORDIC NIGHTS VINTAGE CANDLE: Our blend of citrus, cardamon, musk, pine and a hint of frankincense comes together in this fresh and wintery candle. Hand-poured into vintage blue glassware and sprinkled with rhinestones to mimic the stars, this scent smells like its name. Light it on a cold night to make yourself feel just a little bit cozier.


"THE DOWNSTAIRS GIRL": I bought "The Downstairs Girl" by Stacey Lee because it was a Reese's Book Club pick, and I wasn't disappointed. The story was an exciting and thought-provoking read which touches on social issues of the past and present and maintains a riveting plot line all along.


BEING THE RICARDOS: As a woman-owned and operated business, we're all about celebrating empowered women. That's why "Being the Ricardos" is our movie pick of the month; Lucille Ball was a female trailblazer in the entertainment industry. She was the first woman to run a production company, among other firsts, and ignored stereotypes of the ways women were "supposed" to act.

TV Show

EMILY IN PARIS: I have been hooked on Emily in Paris from the start. The story follows Emily, an American who moves to Paris to work for a marketing firm. From the charming setting to the quirky costumes and characters, the show manages to cut through the drama with a good dose of comedy. If you at all a fan of French culture or fun fashion, chances are you'll enjoy bingeing this series.


CHOCOLATE CINNAMON SUGAR PULL APART WREATH: Around the holidays, cinnamon feels like a must-have ingredient. Not only does it smell amazing, it also adds natural sweetness and spice to any dessert. This doughy, delicious cinnamon wreath is a treat that's almost too good; you might finish the entire thing yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our first Sítronu's Favorites! This month, the list was curated by social media manager Lily Shahida.

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