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Sítrónu's Favorites || Summer 2022

From bath products to bathing suits, books and more, here are our favorites for this summer!


SÍTRÓNU BODY OIL: Sun damage is one of the few downsides of summer. That's why it's incredibly important to take good care of your skin. Always remember to protect yourself with sunscreen, and nourish your skin after time in the sun with our hydrating body oil.

Bathing Suit

THE MYKONOS: Summer is just another excuse to buy a new swimsuit. We're big fans of simple but stylish designs, like this flattering suit from Andie. The elegant cut makes it a great fit for everyone, and it still makes a statement.


"WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING": While this book isn't brand new, a movie based on the novel will be released this summer, and we believe you should always read the book first. Set in the marshlands of the south, "Where the Crawdads Sing" is an exciting story about a young girl living alone and becoming a murder suspect.


ARGAN HAIR OIL: In the summer, your hair needs just as much care as your skin. Hydration is key to maintaining healthy strands while also preventing frizz. Our argan oil works like a charm, and the best part is that a little goes a long way.


THE SMALL TRANSPORT CROSSBODY: STRAW EDITION: We love this straw bag because it's casual, cute and practical all at once. Take it to the beach or to dinner with friends — the elegant design is versatile. It is lined, too, so you don't have to worry about anything falling out! Madewell also has a large version of this bag if you prefer roomier totes.


This perfume smells like the beach, making it perfect for summer. It features notes of ylang ylang, Tahitian tiare, and vegan ambergris. It's salty, tropical and floral, and will transport you to the ocean.


This is quickly become a summer staple. Not only is it healthy, it's filling. Grilled chicken, corn and avocado give substance to this recipe, making it great to serve as a side or main dish. One of our favorite things about this salad is the ease with which you can pull it together. Try it for yourself!


Sandals like this are in style because of their look and feel. They're trendy enough to dress up or down, but they're also practical because of the low heel. These particular shoes come in multiple colors and textures to compliment your outfits. This white leather variation is our favorite because of their elegance and ability to pair with many outfits.

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