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Ingredient Choice ~ Sustainability is a Core Value

Sustainability is one of the core values at Sítrónu when we choose ingredients and packaging. While it was always on our list of goals for the company, it came to the forefront when we were making our bath salts and ordering in larger quantities. With options comes decisions and with decisions comes ethics, at least in our book!

The Dead Sea

Popular in bath salts and scrubs is the use of Dead Sea Salts. And while it sounds exotic and expensive, and perhaps it is on both counts, the bottom line is it is not a sustainable resource. A little research revealed that the Dead Sea is dropping by 3 feet in depth yearly and while experts differ on the future of it all, we decided to play it more cautious and crossed Dead Sea Salts off our potential ingredient list.

Himalayan Salts, which we have used, we are phasing out for the same reasons. It has become very popular of late for both cooking - due to lower sodium content - and bath products - due to its incredible pink hue and unsurpassable beauty. It’s a salt that is harvested in caves in the Punjab region of Pakistan. But it too is a finite resource.

I started looking more local and discovered salt harvested from the Atlantic is just as good, high quality and sustainable (as far as we know for now!).

We keep a close eye on our ingredients — all of them, not just our salts — where they are sourced, and if they will be here on the planet in the long term. Sustainability is a core value.

Sítrónu Bath Salts

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