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The Holidays are Upon Us — Already?!

A long to do list - that’s what the holidays usually mean for me. And with the shopping season getting earlier this year - thanks to huge online retailers leading the charge - we got an early start here at Sítrónu.

Making it easy - that’s our focus. Making it memorable - that’s our goal.

We took the best of our bath products, infused them with a limited time holiday fragrance, boxed them up with some other really special items and Voila! Our new Holiday Shop was born! Easy peasy.

New Fragrance for the Holidays

Introducing Jól, our new fragrance just for the holiday season. Meaning Christmas in Icelandic, this richly warm scent made with well known Frankincense and Myrrh oils. Unisex and perfect for the season.

Both of these beautiful oils come from the hard to pronounce Boswellia and Commiphora trees respectively and each is rich in positive attributes. Frankincense is a proven anti-inflammatory as well as aiding in lung health, stress relief, and is a known immunity promoter. Myrrh provides similar benefits with added antibacterial and skin cleansing properties as well. There must be something to it all - they’ve been used for about 5000 years throughout the world!

Historically, the oils were traded by the Middle Eastern cultures and used for religious ceremonies. Remember the three kings and their gifts for baby Jesus? And the Greeks and Romans incorporated Frankincense and Myrrh into other cultural ceremonies to help purify the air and provide a spiritual benefit overall..

Bringing it back to Sítrónu

We can’t promise any of the health benefits of our new fragrance Jól, but we do think it’s perfect for the holiday season. Get it now while you can - we’ve added it to our lotion, body butter, reed diffuser, and candles. And it’s all available exclusively on our Holiday Shop page. Check it out at

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