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Forging new territory in 2020

The PAII (Professional Association of Independent Innkeepers) annual meeting is just about to launch into full swing this evening and as I set up my booth I got the opportunity to ponder about where we started and what we at Sítrónu hope to accomplish in 2020.

Having been influenced by the environmental consciousness witnessed while on a trip to Iceland four years ago, it has always been at the company’s forefront to remain as aligned with eco-friendly practices as much as possible. This past year we discontinued our retail sales of 1 and 2 oz bottles and jars - they are only available in our gift packs to our hospitality customers. We also initiated a phase out of all plastic gift boxes, instead opting for wood or heavy paper. As part of the plastics focus, we made sure all of the plastic bottles we do use are BPA free and recyclable.

As always we continue to encourage our customers to opt for our larger, refillable sized amenities - whether an inn or a retail customer. Our gallons are available for everyone to purchase and can easily be used to top off our 8 or 16 oz dispenser bottles. This is an easy solution to the plastics issue as well as being incredibly cost efficient.

In 2019, Sítrónu launched a line of Nordic inspired home products to test the company’s expansion into a lifestyle brand. The feedback has been positive, orders have been coming in, and our time here at PAII will be the proof in the pudding so to speak.

One of the items we have begun to offer are high quality aluminum water bottles, perfect for individuals on the go or passing through airports (most of which now offer a refill station). The water bottles also offer an eco-friendly solution for innkeepers to replace plastic water bottles. Embellished with a company logo, they can be used as an enhancement (add-on) item or a souvenir for guests to use during their stay and take home as a reminder of their fabulous trip. We hope to continue to expand our product line up in 2020 by offering home use items such as re-usable beeswax paper in lieu of plastic wrap and re-usable, washable plastic storage bags.

Owner/founder Amanda Stultz will engage in a number of speaking opportunities on these eco-friendly practices throughout 2020 and was recently invited to be part of the Anti-Plastic Task Force under the umbrella of AIHP (Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals). The aim is to minimize plastic use throughout the hospitality industry and educate professionals how to go about it.

While 2020 will bring about lots of new changes and opportunities for Sítrónu, our quality and standards will remain in place!

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