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Conscious Consumption

Yes, it’s a thing! It seems that we are all becoming more conscious about everything that we do from parenting to mindfulness meditation to the way we organize our closets. Finding a system that works is important but not just beneficial for ourselves — the reach goes out to the people we live with, work with, the greater good of humanity as well as the overall environment. Oh, and our pocketbooks too!

Here at Sítrónu it’s been part of our mission from the outset to instill the importance of using refillable containers in the bathroom to lower plastic waste output but also to help us all save money! And we are in good keeping with what the general public desires. A recent Nielsen study revealed that 81% of consumers polled strongly agree that companies should do their part to be more eco-friendly and help the environment.

As a consumer, it comes down to a choice and a simple re-do to your current system. For bath products that means instead of just buying another bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the grocery store try these steps instead:

  1. Read the labels - is it natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients? It’s your body, be kind to it. (We have you covered on that front!)

  2. Buy beautiful refillable bottles that can be paired with gallons or liters for easy refill. You can save as much as 50% in your first year alone of switching to refillable bottles or wall dispensers as well as lower your plastic waste by as much as 90% for bathroom products. (We have you covered on this front as well!)

  3. Make the commitment to make the switch. Just do it, as the saying goes! If the start-up costs seem overwhelming, begin with one bathroom and add on as you go.

It’s so much easier to stick with our old habits, but new ones can be a breath of fresh air - literally! Change in a positive direction adds energy to our lives, money to our wallets and a great feeling of doing our part even in the little ways. A little adds up to a lot when we all try to do a bit more toward creating a sustainable future.

Say yes to Sítrónu and help yourself go eco-friendly in your home or hospitality establishment.

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